2006: The Year Doire Dress Designs Was Founded

Doire Dress Designs was founded in 2006 by Shauna Shiels. Shauna having been involved in Irish Dancing for many years with her daughters Tomasina and Codie had been creating dress designs for her girls as a hobby.

Shauna like many other Derry mothers was extremely skilled in apparel creations having worked in Derry’s vas clothing industry since the age of 16. Her passion for Irish Dancing and dress making however started at an early age spending time with her mother Eilish Young who is an experienced dress maker. Shauna believes her skills, drive and passion for dress making and particularly Irish Dance Costumes have been inherited from her mother.

In April 2006 due to continuous demand for parents and teachers of other dancers Shauna took the brave step and entered the world of making dresses professionally at home. Since 2006 the business has flourished and is now considered by many as one of the leading Irish Dance Dress Manufacturers.

Milestones and Objectives

The business now operates out of its own premises on the Buncrana Road, manufacturing high quality Irish dance costumes and leading the way in innovative modern designs and dress making technology. The business has acquired a committed and highly skilled workforce dedicated to producing the world’s best quality Irish Dancing Dresses.

Not only do we provide a personalised 1st class service in the design and manufacture of Irish Dancing Dresses but we also offer our customers a full makeover service, free at the final fitting of your dress if booked in advance, where you can try the latest Irish dancing accessories which are stocked by Doire Dress Designs.

Our aim is to offer a world class quality service whilst ensuring that we maintain an appreciation of the expense of having an Irish Dancer in the family. We believe our prices are a fair reflection of the quality of service and product produced.

Client Testimonials

The dress just arrived. It is so perfect and beautiful. The red skirt really lifts the design, and it fits really well. It is just what we wanted, and the dress is stunning. We are taking photos tomorrow morning, and will send them through when we get a chance. Thank you so much for putting the amount of effort and detail you have, it will look amazing on stage. Thank you again, we love it so much.

couldn’t wait to open her dress after school today. It is beautiful and is just what we wanted. She especially likes the “diamond” at the side!!! The colour also looks great on her. You have all done a wonderful job and we are thrilled with the end result.

Hi Shauna. Thanks a mil for Lauryn's gorgeous dress. She has had a great year so far, 2 solo 1st place & 4th in the championship at the Leinsters & 19th place in the All Irelands U/11.. :)

Shauna Shiels, Founder & Head Designer

Shauna Shiels, Founder & Head Designer

Head designer Shauna has spent the last 6 years developing all the design and innovative ideas that make Doire Dress Designs and the SS Collection one of the leading Irish Dance Dress Manufacturers in the World.

SS Collection: Wanted By Everyone

The SS Collection Design is sought after all over the world and Shauna prides herself on the unique personalised service that she provides. Shauna oversees all designs and work tirelessly with her team to ensure each dress is unique and tailored to the individual’s needs.

Shauna works twenty four seven on new ideas and concepts and is a leader in creating new and innovative designs trends in the world of Irish Dancing.