Introducting Doire’s Codie Collection

February 24, 2017 | Doire Dress Designs

Introducting Doire’s Codie Collection

The Codie brand of dresses uniquely designed by Shauna Shiels for her daughter Codie’s “Lumiere De Doire” 2016 performance, is a specialised custom made dance dress. Shauna wanted to produce a new product line of dresses which would prove both affordable and still have that whaow factor and On stage effect.

The Codie range has proven a huge success. Whether you are beginning to compete or challenging for titles this dress is suited for everyone . The Codie range is made to order and stoned according to your very own design and patterning in consultation with Shauna and the design team at Doire Dress Designs Ltd.

This novel and exciting range of dresses launched by Shauna in August 2016 has seen the most simple of patterning brought to life and has illuminated both dress and dancers alike to perform and shine when competing. You can choose from a range of fabrics materials and select your very own Codie dress.

View some of the range on our Gallery page. There’s loads more to come in 2017 as this style is proving to be very popular….watch this space!

Good luck to all competitors at the World Championships in Belfast in April…we will see you there.

Contact Shauna and the team at Doire Dress Designs to book your New Dress for 2017, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube…

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